LCA Opposition on the Calgary Transit Bus Route Change from 37th St. to 34th St.

There is a proposed bus route change that will have the City of Calgary bus route coming north on 34th street SW instead of 37th street SW between 66th Ave SW and 58th Ave SW. This route goes through playground zones and past a very busy school area that has students from all over the city attend so traffic and congestion is an issue at that location. 37th street SW has no playground zones or school areas. The bus route was moved from 34th street SW to 37th street SW in 1977 because of the effort of Lakeview residents. Lakeview residents need to come together again to oppose the change back onto 34th street SW. Jeromy Farkas our councillor is making a motion to oppose this change so he needs the support of the residents to help push it through.

On September 21, 2019 the LCA officially sent a letter to our ward 11 councillor, Jeromy Farkas opposing the Calgary City Transit proposal to change route 47, 18, and 63. Link to the pdf attached to this email.

Jeromy, quickly and formally acknowledged his agreement with our stance. There have been several discussions determining what priorities that need to be made. We have agreed that the highest priority is to oppose the move of the bus route from 37th to 34th. The contact information from the individuals working on Jeromy’s team is at the bottom of the page. ( [email protected] )

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Jeromy is preparing to make a motion in City Council on November 18th. 

There are two things that become urgent on this date.

a) As many people as possible attend the City Council meeting demonstrating our opposition to the proposed bus route change from 37th to 34th. Time to be determined. When this Date and Time is confirmed we will share here on the website and through our social media channels (facebook, instagram and twitter)

b) As many people as possible sign a petition opposing the proposed bus route change from 37th to 34th. Petition documentation and canvasser instructions are linked below.  People can canvas on their own or sign at the LCA office. This paperwork must be signed and delivered by noon November 18th to the Lakeview Community Centre. ( 6110, 34th Street, Calgary, Alberta, AVB T3E 5L6 )

Petition Documents

Jeromy Farkas Team Contact Info 
Lindsay Seewalt
Communications Assistant
Councillor Jeromy Farkas – Ward 11
Office of the Councillors, The City of Calgary 
T 403.268.2495| F 403.268.3823 |W
PO Box 2100, Stn M | Mail code #8001| Calgary, AB T2P 3M5

Chris Carlile 
Chief of Staff 
Councillor Jeromy Farkas – Ward 11
Office of the Councillors, The City of Calgary 
T 403.268.5056| F 403.268.3823 |W
PO Box 2100, Stn M | Mail code #8001| Calgary, AB T2P 3M5

Petition Timeline

Timeline of activities this year regarding the Calgary Transit proposed changes and the involvement of the LCA.

March 2019
Calgary Transit introduced proposed modifications to combine Route 18, 63 and 47 into a new Route 66

June 2019
Calgary Transit provides 3 open houses to solicit feedback on the proposed modifications.

August 2019
Calgary Transit Publish the results of the feedback collected during the open houses. There is a large body of feedback from Lakeview opposing the changes.

September 2019
LCA formally communicates to Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas opposing the changes. Specifically, the most opposition is the movement of all the routes from travelling on 37th Street to travelling on 34th Street and 58th Avenue in Lakeview.

October 2019
Jeromy Farkas meets with the Director of Calgary Transit, twice, forwarding the concerns of the Lakeview residents. Two times Calgary Transit directors indicate that they will be moving forward with their plans. This communicated to the LCA.

October – November 2019
Jeromy Farkas formulates an official motion at city council to be presented on November 18. The LCA is requested to provide feedback and support of this motion. This will be done with a petition and physical attendance at the City Council meeting.