Board of Directors

Board Of Directors 2021-2022

President – Vacant
First Vice President – Vacant
Second Vice President – Dylan Esch
Secretary – Fiona Cuthbertson
Treasurer – Jon Himmens
Past President – Marshall Pope

Standing Board Members

Events Coordinator – Vacant
Casino Coordinator – Amir Eisenberg
Flames Community Arena – Joel Workman
GlenLake Hockey – Vacant
Preschool Director – Cat Van Wielingen
Traffic Coordinator – Paul Piovoso
Development Coordinator – Nick Berci

Directors at Large on the Board

Colin Buchanan

Laurie Dolph

Tammy Brigidear

Anderson Kwong

Kyle Surgenor

Krista Pyra

Catherine Cooke

Erin Thompson


Nadia Janssens: 403-242-8660 or

Committees & Volunteer Positions

Beautification – Amir Eisenberg
Communications – Erin Thompson
Community Garden – Cathy Steiner Wilson and Joan Stauffer
Development – Nick Berci
Events – Vacant
Facilities & Maintenance – Nick Berci, Brendon Morrison, Nadia Janssens, Tammy Brigidear
Finance & Audit – Marshall Pope; Nadia Janssens; Jon Himmens
Governance, Nominations & Human Resources – Fiona Cuthbertson
Lakeview News & Views Editor – Erin Thompson
Membership Coordinator – vacant
Membership Drive Coordinator – Vacant
Soccer – Allison Armstrong
Traffic Committee – Paul Piovoso
TsuuT’ina Relations Committee – Laurie Dolph; Colin Buchanan (as advisor)
Volunteer Coordinator – Vacant
Wine Appreciation Evenings – Gary Isbister; Irene Hendry; Julie Clifford; Bruce Lofting; Gill & Steve Kennard

Board Meetings

The regular board meeting schedule for 2021-2022 is set with meetings always happening on the second Monday of every month except for July & August.
All meetings are open to the public and begin at 7:00pm in the field house.The Executive meetings will be held as needed and scheduled by the Executive.
The time, date, and location to be determined by the President and Executive.