Street Sweeping now June 24/25

The city has changed our street sweeping dates from June 12 and 13 to June 24 (Lakeview west of Lakeview Dr) and 25 (rest of Lakeview including Lakeview Village) due to the water main break in Montgomery. Residents, please remove your vehicles from our streets on those dates.

(Image courtesy wal_172619 from Pixabay)

June Traffic and Safety Update

With summer just around the corner, more residents will be out enjoying our community, walking, riding or driving. Take the time to look out for each other and continue to make Lakeview a safe and inviting community for all users of our paths and roads.

With that in mind, parents please discuss with your children the importance of crossing our main streets at marked crosswalks. In the last few weeks, I have seen numerous school children trying to cross 63 Ave from behind parked cars and from the entrance to alleys. This creates an extremely dangerous situation for everyone involved. Let’s make safety everyone’s priority!

Some other updates:

  • This summer will see the extension of the pathway system along the west side of 37 St SW from the traffic circle to the Weaselhead parking lot. This change will allow cyclists to remain on the pathway and off of 37 St SW. Details to follow as they become available.
  • The City of Calgary is modelling the traffic flow for the new design of the sound wall along Glenmore Trail from Lockinvar Road to Lacombe Way. With the completion of this work and budget approval, construction could proceed by Spring 2025.
  • Two new gender-neutral washrooms are now open in the new Lakeview Pumping Station (east entrance of North Glenmore Park). A new crosswalk will be added (Summer 2024) to allow pedestrians access to this building from the east pathway along the golf course.
  • Two crosswalks in Lakeview will be getting a new sign (see picture below) that reminds drivers to yield to pedestrians in the following crosswalks: 58 Ave & 34th St and 63 Ave & 30 St. These locations were chosen on the basis of being high traffic/pedestrian crosswalks near our community schools.
  • Street sweeping is scheduled for Lakeview on June 12 and 13, so please remember to remove your vehicles from the street on those days between 8am and 4pm. To ensure the street sweeper is able to pick up all the debris on your street, sweep out all the debris approximately 12 inches from the curb in front of your house.
  • For speeding concerns, please contact the Calgary Police Service on their non-emergency line: 403-266-1234 or submit a traffic service request (TSR) on their website.

If you have any traffic concerns or questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Wine Night Cancelled

To all our wine enthusiasts,

As many of you may already know, the Lakeview Community Hall is undergoing roof repairs. Unfortunately, the hall will not be available in time for us to complete our 2023/24 Wine Appreciation Events. So, it is with heavy hearts and empty glasses that we announce the remaining planned events for this season are cancelled. 

Not to despair! The upside of this situation is that we are already set for next season! We have shifted our spring schedule to the fall, and wow, do we have a great season opener planned! 

Have a wonderful spring/summer and we look forward to seeing everyone again at the October season kickoff event. 

LCA Wine Committee

Temporary Closure of Main Hall

The Lakeview Main Hall is closed until April 1st due to roof structural work.

Office staff working remotely.  Please contact Nadia at 403-630-1430 or [email protected] during office hours.

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9:30am – 2:30pm

Friday – Sunday Closed

Get yours now – “I ❤️ Lakeview” socks

“I ❤️ Lakeview” Socks

Good for your feet.

Good for our community.

All proceeds go towards renovating our tennis courts and Main Hall building. Please consider supporting this important initiative and have Lakeview at your feet.

Stay tuned for more Lakeview Swag. 

Pick up and/or drop off will be arranged after you place your order.  Please contact Nadia during office hours at 403-242-8660 to make arrangements.

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Until December 19, 2023

Donate cash or gift cards to local families in need.

The Lakeview Community Association and Jennie Elliott School Parent Council are joining together to support local families.

Help support vulnerable Lakeview families by dropping off cash or gift cards to the LCA Office.

Gift cards empower parents and caregivers to buy what they need for their families to get through the holiday season.

Any amount helps to make a difference.


Lakeview Community Association

6110 34 Street SW Monday – Thursday 9:30am – 2:30pm

Sold Out: Holiday Bubbles and Wine Event

Get your tickets for Lakeview’s annual Holiday Wine Tasting event. As in previous years, it will be an evening without a wine presenter. You will have the opportunity to mingle at the ‘Bubbles” bar while sampling the delectable wines and nibbles at our tasting tables.

Bring your wine glass (just one!) as wine glasses WILL NOT be available for purchase. Wander amongst the tasting tables, catch up with friends and neighbours, and enjoy Holiday pairings.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Tastings will be closed at 9:00 p.m.

Due to licensing regulations, we are unable to run a wine lottery.

HOWEVER! Don’t dismay! We have some surprises in store for you! Your registration is all you need to be entered in the draws to win!

Mark your calendar as registration begins on November 15
limited number of tickets available. PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with LCA Liquor license, an active membership is required, non-member guests MUST be registered by an active LCA member.

Register online below or in person at the Lakeview Community Hall prior to Friday, Dec 8th, 2023, before 6pm

Disclaimer: by attending this event, members and guests accept that the Lakeview Community Association bears no responsibility or liability for accidents caused by, or resulting from, the member’s or guest’s intemperate use of any alcoholic beverage before, during and after any function offered by the Lakeview Community Association. Please plan ahead of time how you will get home safely from this event. We will be glad to help you with arranging for a taxi or car shuttle service.

Note: GST and service fee is added to the payment

December Traffic Update

As winter weather will have arrived by the time that you read this newsletter, its important for Lakeview residents to adjust their driving for the current weather conditions. As our roads become icy this winter, remember to decrease your vehicle speed which also decreases your braking distance to come to a stop. After our first snowfall, I watched numerous vehicles slide through the 3-way stop at Lakeview Dr and Lancaster Way SW as these drivers were travelling too fast to be able to safely stop due to the icy conditions.

Here are some updates from the traffic committee:

  • On October 11, I spent an hour with a Calgary Police officer from the Residential Safety Traffic Unit monitoring the intersection of 37 St & 66 Ave SW for vehicles not stopping at the all-way stop. Over that time, this officer gave out 5 tickets of $405 and 3 demerit points to drivers for failing to stop at a marked intersection. Please remember to come to a complete stop at this intersection (all ways), especially if pedestrians are present, as the fine rises to $810 and 4 demerit points in that case.
  • The speed limit on Lakeview Drive has been reduced from 50km/h to 40km/h. Please adjust your speed accordingly.
  • The Crowchild Bridge Rehabilitation Project over Glenmore Trail has been completed. Thanks to all Lakeview residents for their patience over the past 6 months!
  • For speeding concerns, please contact the Calgary Police Service on their non-emergency line: 403-266-1234 or submit a traffic service request (TSR) on their website.

If you have any traffic concerns or questions, please send an email to [email protected].