December 2022 Traffic Update

December Traffic Update

  • On Monday, October 24 vehicle counts (24 hour) were taken, north and south of the 37 St SW traffic circle and at the intersection of 37 St and 58 Ave (see map). Unfortunately, the fourth location at the intersection of 37 St and 54 Ave was missed and will be taken later this year. The measured results are detailed below. Traffic counts are the first step in the city process, to assess any future traffic calming measures in our neighbourhood.
LocationTotal Vehicles (over 24 hour)
North of 37 St SW traffic circle1,841; 881 northbound, 960 southbound
South of 37 St SW traffic circle4,172; 2024 northbound, 2148 southbound
58 Ave, east of 37 St SW1,491; 685 westbound, 806 eastbound
Map courtesy of City of Calgary Website – Calgary Traffic Counts System

  • On October 27, Constable Wall from the Calgary Police Service hosted a speed watch in the playground zone on Lakeview Drive between 61 and 63 Ave with several members of the LCA board. During this 1.5-hour period, we observed 229 vehicles passing by with 16 vehicles speeding or 7% of the total vehicles. The highest recorded speed was 46km/h in the 30km/h playground zone. Most of these speeders were parents taking their children to school. Please slow down for all playground zones!
  • As we start losing daylight as we head into winter, drivers please adjust your speed to account for the conditions. All speed limits posted in Lakeview are the maximum for ideal conditions and therefore should be adjusted for weather, traffic volume and pedestrian school traffic.

If you have any traffic concerns or questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Stay safe this winter!