October 2022 Traffic Update

Lakeview residents may have noticed when driving on southbound Sarcee Trail to eastbound Glenmore Trail, the access road onto 37 St SW has been permanently closed. An explanation from Alberta Transportation on why this happened, has been copied below.

The ongoing construction of the barrier on eastbound Glenmore Trail is part of completion of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road and aligns with the design for access in this area as approved by the City of Calgary as part of the community development plan for Lakeview.

During construction of the project, temporary access from southbound Sarcee to eastbound Glenmore Trail to 37th Street SW was provided to facilitate improved community access while the work continued.

Now that access is available at Tsuut’ina Parkway, vehicles going southbound on Sarcee Trail can access Lakeview via the new interchange at Tsuut’ina Parkway. Alternatively, drivers from southbound Sarcee Trail could also choose to go to Crowchild Trail to access Lakeview. And a third option is for vehicles to exit southbound Sarcee Trail onto Westhills Way, navigate through the roundabouts and onto eastbound Glenmore Trail to then exit at 37th Street SW.

Elimination of the temporary access and accompanying weave pattern allows the speed limit on the flyover ramp from Sarcee Trail to eastbound Glenmore to be posted at 80 km/hour rather than the 60 km/hour limit posted during construction.”

Other updates:

  • The Glenmore Trail Noise Study will be completed by the end of September. There was a delay due to an equipment malfunction at one of the locations causing the final data collection to be pushed back to early September. A summary of the study will be shared with community members in the November News & Views, on the LCA website and at our AGM on September 27.
  • KGL (Ring Road project manager), has confirmed that there will be ongoing construction throughout September/October 2022 around the 37 St SW traffic circle including installation of a retaining wall and sidewalk improvements on the east side of 37 St SW (south of the traffic circle).
  • On August 30 from 7:30 to 8:30am, CPS Officer Richard Wall hosted a speed watch at 63 Ave SW playground zone. During this time, 101 vehicles were counted and 15 vehicles were speeding or 15% of the total number. The highest recorded speed was 54 km/h. Remember, if a vehicle hits a pedestrian at 30 km/h, they have a 5% fatality rate, whereas if a vehicle hits a pedestrian at 70 km/h, they have a 95% fatality rate. For the safety of all Lakeview residents, please slow down!
  • The traffic committee has a sandwich sign on loan from the City of Calgary that says ‘Residential Area – Drive Safely’. If you would like to have this sign for a one-week period to place outside your home, please send an email to [email protected].

If you have any traffic concerns or questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Stay safe this fall!