July 2022 Traffic Update

Here are some areas of concern that the traffic committee has been working on:

  • HGC Engineering will be in the field at three locations in Lakeview from May 31 – June 7 to collect traffic noise data from Glenmore Trail SW on behalf of the Lakeview Community Association. A summary of their report will be shared with community members in the October News & Views, on the LCA website and at our AGM on September 28. A big thank you to the 3 households that allowed this monitoring to take place on their properties!
  • The City of Calgary has confirmed that vehicle traffic counts will be taken on 58 Ave, 54 Ave and 37 St in September or October 2022. This will allow the LCA to understand how the traffic flow has changed in our neighbourhood with the addition of the 37 St SW traffic circle.
  • On May 17 from 7:30 to 10:00am, CPS Officer Richard Wall hosted a speed watch on 58 Ave and 37 St to determine how many vehicles were speeding along those roads. In the 58 Ave playground zone (by Connect Charter School) 190 vehicles passed by this location and 23 vehicles were speeding or 12% of the total vehicles. On 37 St (just south of 61 Ave), 40 vehicles passed by and 5 vehicles were speeding or 13% of the total vehicles. All of these 5 speeding vehicles were driven by Lakeview residents and one vehicle was clocked at 76 km/h! If a vehicle hits a pedestrian at 30 km/h, they have a 5% fatality rate, whereas if a vehicle hits a pedestrian at 70 km/h, they have a 95% fatality rate. For the safety of all Lakeview residents, please slow down!
  • One of the main concerns I hear about is Calgary Transit, school buses, garbage trucks and delivery vehicles speeding throughout Lakeview. I can say from conducting 4 speed watches with Officer Wall over the past 2 years, that we have not observed any of these vehicles to be exceeding the speed limit to warrant a speeding ticket. The confusion lies in that many residents assume that a loud vehicle is a speeding vehicle and that is usually not the case with trucks or buses. These vehicles lack the noise mitigation equipment that most cars and SUVs have to baffle their engine/exhaust noise and therefore you think that these vehicles are speeding due to this excessive noise when, more likely, they are not.
  • The traffic committee has a sandwich sign on loan from the City of Calgary that says ‘Residential Area – Drive Safely’. If you would like to have this sign for a one-week period to place outside your home, please send an email to [email protected].
  • Some clarifications on where vehicles are permitted and not permitted to do U-turns:
    • A U-turn is permitted at an intersection when it can be made safely and without impeding traffic.
    • A U-turn is not permitted at an intersection with a traffic signal, a no U-turn sign, on a curve or on any road between intersections.

If you have any traffic concerns or questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Stay safe this summer!

Safety Tips from the City of Calgary (from City of Calgary website)

Tips for Motorists

  • ​Stop for all pedestrians crossing in a crosswalk – it’s the law.
  • Ensure proper visibility of your vehicle.
  • Drive at a safe speed and be aware of pedestrian activity around you.
  • Never pass a vehicle at a crosswalk.
  • Wait until the pedestrian has completely cleared the intersection before proceeding.
  • Make eye contact.
  • When turning left at an intersection, check to your left to make sure there are no pedestrians.
  • Don’t park within five metres of a marked crosswalk or intersection.
  • When turning right, check both ways to ensure there are no pedestrians nearby.

Tips for Pedestrians

  • Ensure you are crossing the street safely.
  • Make eye contact with the driver of vehicles at or near the intersection before crossing
  • Use the Point, Pause and Proceed method to make motorists aware you are trying to cross the street.
  • Wear light-coloured clothing and reflective devices so you are visible to motorists.
  • Never cross the street at mid-block or against a signal.
  • Research indicates that children under the age of nine should always be accompanied by a responsible adult or older child.